What Barbara's Clients & Colleagues Are Saying

SH writes:
"You are the most professional, ethical, efficient & empathetic agent I have ever met. I've been a licensed Realtor for over 10 years, but I knew I wouldn't be able to handle the emotional stress of letting go of my Mother's beloved home-the home I grew up in. You handled multiple offers with ease and accuracy; kept absolute prompt communications and steered me through my decision making.....I cried on your shoulder over the phone during the estate sale process and the final closing date. You remained a steadfast listener at all times. Intuition is another quality you possess. When I was thinking of calling you for something, you usually called me first....I adore you."

Christine writes;
"......thank you for all your help with the selling of my old house and the purchase of my new one. I could not be happier with the outcome. Your knowledge and professionalism was more than I expected. But the fact that you do what you do with such warmth and friendliness is what meant the most. I always felt that the outcome was as important to you as it was to me. When all is said and done, I ended up with a new friend."

The Watsons write;
"........Although we had come in contact with several Realtors, we found Barbara to be exceptionally interested in helping us meet our needs and committed to finding us the home we wanted. Barbara worked very hard tolerating our indecisiveness on several occassions without complaint......we ended up with the home we wanted and a new found friend born out of the respect for her commitment and honesty.......although it is foolish for us to begin thinking about our next home purchase, we have in effect already begun the process by selecting our Realtor, Barbara Haugk."

Kathy says:
"I just wanted to thank you so much for all you have done for my family. You talked us in & out of all the right houses. You said this day would come if we just hang in there. We believed in you so here we are!! Never would our dream have become such a dream come true without you.....You will always be a part of our lives. Thank you."

Colleagues within the Realtor community;

Wendy from Windermere Real Estate writes;
"Thank you for your excellent and professional service during our transaction together. It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope our paths cross again soon."

Bob from John L. Scott says;
"Barbara, you're a real pro and then some!"

Martin & June write:

"All real estate people are alike-right? Wrong.....We met Barbara and found our dream house. Barbara did all the ordinary things that real estate sales people do and much more. She helped us find a mortgage broker and monitored the loan process. She kept a high visibility with the builder. As a result, our move and our new home has been an enjoyable experience. In addition, Barbara has helped two of my employees who transferred here from other states find a home and they have had similar experiences. Are all real estate people alike? No. Some turn out to be very good friends."

Charles writes:

From time to time we all have the opportunity in the course of business to meet an exceptional individual....In January, we will conduct placement interviews and during our stay hope to consumate a transaction. Barbara will be asked to make our purchase transaction."

Virginia, Managing Broker writes:

For me, the greatest satisfaction I can experience is to see the professionalism & passion for excellence I demand performed. You are truly a credit to this company and one who upholds the reputation of the whole with gratitude!"

Jan writes:

"I love my new home and greatly appreciate your help, guidance and support as we worked through the home building process."

John from Lexington Development writes:

"Thanks again for all your help."

ARW writes:

I am writing to express my appreciation for the professional manner which your company provided us in the sale of our lake house property. This transaction, I feel was mainly due to the expert marketing ability of Barbara Haugk. She provided us with a current analysis of comparable sales necessary in establishing a reasonable value, then proceeded to market the property in a reasonable amount of time. Her efforts resulted in our obtaining what we feel was the best price and most advantageous terms available at the time. It has been a pleasure."

Mr Capps. writes:

I would like to thank you for the outstanding job in the selling of my home. Right from the start with the detailed market analysis on through to the recording, you constantly kept me updated. Your keen insight of the market and personal recommendations helped me 'jump the hurdles' that sellers sometime encounter. You truly had a genuine concern for my sale and always performed in my best interest. I was proud to have your company sign in front of my home. I give you a 'Triple AAA' rating and highest recommendation."

HW, Attorney writes:

"I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Barbara sold my client's house after a divorce and in the process had to deal with a down economy, LP siding issues, and my client's former spouse who was very difficult to deal with. I was very impressed with her professionalism, knowledge, and integrity. I have referred other people to Barbara and will continue to turn to her first for all my or my client's real estate needs."

Eileen, Broker at Windermere writes:

I highly recommend Barbara Haugk for her high level of professionalism, sound advice, and deep trust. As a colleague and needing to find an agent to fill in for me with my clients; Barbara was the first agent I thought of to handle my clients. When my husband and I moved and our personal home still had not sold, hands down, we chose Barbara. Barbara is totally impeccable when it comes to selling real estate. She is marvelous!!!"

Brian writes:

"I have nothing but good things to say about Barbara. She has helped me close two real estate transactions quickly and efficiently. Her level of professionalism is unmatched. She is a fantastic communicator and is a calming influence, even in situations that most others would find stressful. Barbara knows her market extremely well, and always represented me with my best interests in mind. Without a doubt, Barbara gets my recommendation for anyone looking to buy or sell a home."

Sylvia wrote:

February 25, 2014

Barbara Haugk was our Realtor when we sold our home in Welches, Oregon on Valentine’s Day of this year. Our home had been listed for a very long time and we were very close to just renting it. Barbara had been in contact with a buyer that liked our home when she saw it many months earlier. At that time the buyer was not ready to buy. Then, just as we were about to rent our home, Barbara’s buyer put an offer on our home. It was supposed to be a 2 week escrow. But, that was not good enough for Barbara. Our transaction closed in 9 calendar days, that involved 2 weekends and a snow storm. And we got a full price offer on our home.
We are very grateful for the hard work, professionalism, and dedication that Barbara showed for selling our home.

Sylvia Shaffer, a very happy home seller!

Jin Wong, Windermere La Quinta, California-client referral

Hello Barbara,
I truly appreciate you've done the marvelous job for Helen. Most of all, I realize again your profession with wisdom. I deeply bow to you. Best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jin Wong

My Friend Kurt Says....

"I worked with Barbara on different Yacht Crews and highly recommend her as great pro and well liked leader. She is now a well-respected leader in the Real Estate Community."

From Larry W.

Thanks for your efforts & expertise....I appreciate your knowledge of the market & your patience. One of the things that I admire the most is that you don't feel it's necessary to talk over me as most sales people do. The results are most important. We now have a nice home.

Marti, Colleague at Keller Williams writes:

You are an absolute professional - Forthright, informative and you have great communication skills. An absolute pleasure to have worked with you. Let's do it again soon.

Ron says:

"You are a great sales person. You work very hard for our business. I am honored to have you as an agent."

A Windermere Colleague says:

"Hi Barbara..........I cannot express my thanks enough for always being there and willing to share your knowledge in such a professional manner. Your help has been enormous! I'm so grateful for your mentorship."

John and Marci write:

"We so appreciate you and all the time you put into preparing for our sale. Thank you. It's been a pleasure knowing you and having you and your daughter as our neighbors."